New Book on Rider Confidence ‘Ride Big’ Launches in UK Today

New Book on Rider Confidence ‘Ride Big’ Launches in UK Today

Laura is delighted to have contributed to the new book by John Haime, ‘Ride Big’, that launches in the UK today.

The book gives many practical confidence tips and ways for riders to perform at a higher level. Many top riders have contributed including Laura, Michael Jung,  and Harry Meade to name just a few.

Ride Big is an easy-to-implement framework proven to grow rider confidence, tested by the world’s leading equestrian athletes.

Without confidence, achievement in competition is unattainable. When confidence is lacking in any sport, equestrian included, chances are your career will be short. Renowned performance coach John Haime has written the book to counter this challenge, providing the mental tools riders need to be better under pressure of all kinds and consistently succeed.

Haime invites readers to dive into three clear and informative areas of exploration:

  • The Confidence Base: Firm up the fundamentals.
  • The Confidence Builders: Systems and tips to help you build confidence.
  • The Confidence Threats: An inside look at what to watch out for in riding and in competition.

Ride Big is available here:

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