Cavalleria Toscana

Cavalleria Toscana was founded in 2008 with the ambition to create a product that could make technical sportswear look elegant. This desire guided the company over the years, permitting it to grow and establish itself as the most sophisticated brand within the equestrian apparel market. After ten years of business, the company continues to gain a greater understanding and expertise in refining the product from a technical point of view, supporting the riders’ performance each step of the way. This fashion forward collection is showcased four times a year. It includes a range for women, men and young adults as well as an accessories line. Cavalleria Toscana brings together a range of matching equine outfits.

Fairfax saddles

Fairfax Saddles is renowned for its scientific design, development and testing. This innovative company makes saddles, girths and bridles that are proven to relieve pressure and improve the horse’s performance - which is why they are chosen by Laura and some of the other best riders in the world. Laura chooses the World Class Dressage saddle, Performance Girth & Bridle to enable her horses move freely and comfortably and therefore perform at their best, whatever their level of training. The saddles are made in Walsall, England using a mixture of traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology. The innovative designs are proven by science and protected by patents, and Fairfax’s ground-breaking research is regularly published in reputable scientific journals and presented at veterinary conferences worldwide.


Laura was one of the first elite riders to take on board the combination of lower magnesium diets with chelated calcium that followed from EquiFeast's research programme in 2011. The impact of this combination on Mistral Hojris (Alf) helped reduce his mental and muscular tension and enabled him to be ridden in a more positive and expressive manner without risk of an explosion. Equifeast review the diets and performance of all of Laura's dressage horses on a regular basis, support their individual needs with respect to behaviour, performance and allergies and to work with other suppliers and supporters to help keep all of them in tip top condition.

Zebra Products

Zebra Products is the UK and Ireland’s leading distributor of premium equestrian brands catering for horse and rider. Established in 2000 with just three members of staff, Zebra Products now operates from its headquarters in North Wales with an experienced team of more than 20, headed up by managing director Simon Middleton.


German safety manufacturer uvex are delighted and excited to announce their proud sponsorship and support of Laura Tomlinson. uvex is distributed by Zebra Products in the UK and Ireland and was established in 1926. As a market leader in protective equipment for all extreme adrenaline fuelled sports, the synergy between uvex and Laura is a fundamentally obvious choice for the brand. Both are looking forward to developing the partnership over the coming seasons.

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