Working Finn with Claire Gallimore

Working Finn with Claire Gallimore

Finn had an excellent pre-Aachen session with the brilliant Claire Gallimore. A student of Tristan Tucker, Claire is well known for her ability with tense or spooky horses.

To achieve a relaxed performance whether at a local show or in international competition, the mental and physical building blocks need to be equally in place.”


Claire Gallimore, working with Finn and Laura

Claire works with Finn on the ground before Laura rides, getting Finn used to ‘pressures’ such as a flag waving. Laura then hoped on board and ran through some of the movements form the Grand Prix, working on keeping Finn relaxed and listening to her.


Laura is delighted with the progress Finn is making,

“Claire’s ground work exercises are fantastic for him and I can feel his confidence and relaxation improve each day.”



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