September Training and Show Experience

September Training and Show Experience

As the weather starts to become more autumnal we have started the next level of tests and training with the gang! A couple of valuable learning opportunties this week and some wins too 🙂

British Dressage South West came for a morning with us where we showcased 4 very different horses and and explained how we used pole work with them to help their training.

Then we had 4 horses at Prestige.

I rode Moony and new kid on the block Kenny. Sarah rode Bode and Viva.


Bode won the Advanced Medium. He is one of the mopst talented horses we have bred, though has taken some time to grow into his body. I really hope that he is now able to keep building his strength and building on this good outing

Viva won the Inter 1 – she really tries hard for Sarah and is a super mare with so much talent. Sarah rides with positive patience and is exactly what she needs at this stage.

I rode the PSG with Moony and Kenny. Moony winning ahead of Kenny on a brilliant 76%. We kept it sfae and went for balance and confidence as hes young and this is new. Really exciting to see what is to come with him.

Huge thanks to Carl Cuypers and Lara Butler for the warm up help!



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