Laura Tomlinson to star at Horses Inside Out Evening Extravaganza

Laura Tomlinson to star at Horses Inside Out Evening Extravaganza


On the evening of May 23rd Laura Tomlinson will head to Hartpury College to take part in the Horses Inside Out Evening Extravaganza.



This special evening, hosted by Gillian Higgins, will help you to improve your 

riding, training and equine management through an interactive lecture, and demonstration.You will learn how understanding about anatomy and biomechanics can help to improve your horse’s posture, movement, comfort and performance. It will also help you to understand how different exercises and techniques affect their way of going and performance. 


“Gillian is an important part of our team. Her work is educational and invaluable. I have learned so much that helps me every day in training. I’m excited to be part of this upcoming demonstration.” Laura Tomlinson



Gillian has worked with Laura for several years and is delighted that she is taking part,


As a shining example to so many, Laura is a rider who truly understands the importance of applying anatomy and biomechanics to riding, training, and management to not only achieve the best equine performance but comfort and longevity too. With Laura as the star of the show, her horse painted up with the skeleton and Laura herself riding in a skeleton bodysuit, dressage, harmony, and anatomy will be brought to life as you have never seen it before. Thursday 23rd May is an opportunity not to be missed!”

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